Welcome to Sri Vaikunta Enterprises

Established in the year 1980, Sri Vaikunta Enterprises is an independent book publishing house, which specializes in the production of children’s books. Our books are characterized with large pictures, bright images, bold texts and content sourced from the rich spectrum of Indian Scriptures. Our mission is to promote knowledge through stories which bring Krishna conscious in the heart and mind of our readers. And thus fulfilling the vision of His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada (Founder Acharya, ISKCON – International Society for Krishna Consciousness)

We now hold more than 50 exciting range of titles that deliver high-quality illustrated spiritual and moral storybooks based on our culture and tradition, all available at an affordable price.

Our books are well received by various educational  institutions and are available at every major centre of ISKCON – nationally and globally.

We invite you to browse our beautiful books.  We thank you in believing in the power of stories.

With hearty desire to serve our purpose,

Vijaya Govinda das AKA A.T Vijaya Kumar

About the Author

Shri. A.T. Vijayakumar has been experimenting with various media for the past several decades. Self-taught in the field of painting and sketching, he was employed professionally in many places, until he found his true calling – bringing Krishna to life in the form of paintings.

Known popularly as Vijaya Govinda Das, he continues his prolific work. Painting is his first love. He has experimented with oil painting, acrylics, pencils. watercolors and digital art. His contributions in the form of mixed media are too many to count. His paintings are found in many ISKCON temples in India and abroad. They also adorn the houses and altars of many devotees across the world.

Since the year 1980,  Vijaya Govinda Das has been a disciple of HH Shri Bhaktisvarupa Damodara Swami. In the many years that they were associated, they have explored realms where spirituality intersects with science, art, printing, and distributing the many works published by Bhakthivendanta Book Trust across the world. During his tenure in ISKCON, Vijaya Govinda Das has been fortunate to have served in temples at Bombay (Juhu), Manipur, Tirupati and many others.

“Art is a form of tapasya. It is my tiny contribution to the infinite ocean of Sri Krishna Bhakti”, says the humble man. He has single-handedly steered Sri Vaikunta Enterprises from a fledgling entity to an international publishing house of repute. His guiding principle is the Bhagavad Gita shloka “janma karma ca me divyam, evaṁ yo vetti tattvataḥ” (Bhagavad Gita 4.9). Through art, he aims to bring realizations to Jivas. While most of his artwork is meant for being used as part of his books, he does occasionally take up commissioned work for devotional pursuits.

“Having met thousands of devotees from all over the world, I realize that our Acharyas have accomplished so much. Yet, there is so much more to be done. Publishing books that children can read and understand easily is my goal. Krishna is helping me achieve this.” – Vijaya Govinda Das